Sunday, March 02, 2008


With self help it can change a person

Using self help methods to control my temper. I read a article from a magazine book which describe many self help methods in a simple terms, With self help it can help me to solve many problem which arise because of our wrong doing, tamper and ignorance. If you understand how a problem started with a small silly things and with self help methods you can able to change things for the better.

Reading the article, helps me to ask myself how I am going to apply the methods of self help in everyday use. As we know we living from today to tomorrow and what have I learned about psychology that would help myself in this situation. With self help methods its helps in many changing. Walk away if you know you are going to loose your temper or take it as nothing been say or do. With self help methods I am a better man today with good working position, with more friends, understanding and respect. Its also help me to quit cigarettes.