Thursday, May 08, 2008


With only yourself and self help addiction can be quit

I had a friend who is addictions to alcoholism and every morning when he wakes up he must drinks at list two small bottles of beer or not his whole hand and body will be shaking. After drinking he will have a light breakfast then proceed to the coffee shop and drinks until very late at night with his friends who will join him after works. Most of the time someone has to carry him home. One day when he was too high in alcohol he and his friends started a fight with another groups of people and landed himself in hospital for two weeks and with many stitches on his head and body. This nearly cause his life and the price of addictions to pay.

After discharge from hospital he told us and promised his wife that he will quit alcohol. With self-help and determination, helps from friends and his wife he is now a holy man praying most of the time. With self-help he make himself busy most of the time like instance jogging in the morning, look after his business in the afternoon and doing yoga exercises every evening. After dinner he will take family outing. Before ten he will be in bed. With only yourself and self help, bad addiction such as drug addiction, smoking and alcoholism can be quit.