Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Managed your spending with self help

With the world economy growing up its years because of the wars and fuel oils, every parents and individual must learned and start building up their own income by spending less and the unnecessary items. Control your spending power and never spend more then your income each month. Always learned to keep some money for future investment or for a rainy day. Every body can do it and if you had the self help in you, you can self managed your spending.

Everybody knows things grows up every year sometimes a few times in a year but pay only grows up in a year or none. Learning to spend less can help you solve your financial problems. Try to use your two leg or bicycle than your car if the distance is not very far or used public transport if you think it can save you a lot. Do not buy thing to keep, buy it if you only want to used it. Control your food buying, sometimes I see somebody buy a lots of food to keep and in the end throw it away when it turns bad. Cuts the unnecessary such as liquors or cigaretters or lower the amounts, that can save you some money.