Tuesday, December 30, 2008


With selp help you can quit you bad things

Smokers find it very hard to quit smoking because their have no determination to quit smoking. No one can help you, it is only yourself whether you want it to quit or not. If you can manage yourself and with self help in yourself you will be able to quit smoking. I had a friend who try to quit smoking by trying all sort of methods but when a friends or a person offer him a stick of cigarette he will never refuse, in the end he became a heavy smokers because he does not had self determination to stop smoking.

Another friends of mine who is a drug addict and when out of the prison, told us he wanted to quit the bad things. At first we do not believe in him but after a more ten years when I met him again with two kids and a wife with a good personal looking. Holding a executive post in his job. He told us if you want to do a things you must had the determination and with self help in you, you will be able to conquered it. First get out of your addict friends and moved into a new clean environment. Find your self a job and during free times occupied yourself with exercises and join society to help other so that you do not have the time to things of the bad things.