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Self help: All 1000 Spots ''Snapped-up.'' 500 More Just Added

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Jay Abraham's Two Hour Long, Business Building -

Earlier I sent an invitation to participate on an
exclusive, "one-of-a-kind," (LIFE CHANGING), two hour,
Business-Building Workshop "Teleconference" --- with
Marketing Phenomenon Jay Abraham, the Super Consultant to
The Business Stars --- as our gift to you.

All 1000 Lines Taken In The First 12 Hours,
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We were only able to open up 1,000 phone lines. But with
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Why All The Excitement About THIS Teleconference Call?

In case you missed the earlier email, this is probably the
most heavily responded to, gift opportunity we've ever
made. Here's an executive summary of what's being offered
(and why it's so valuable):

Executive Summary

We've arranged a F*R*E*E* two-hour, teleconference-based
"Quick Start" course with world famous marketing genius,
Jay Abraham. Here's exactly what Jay will cover in this

Hour 1.) Marketing Secrets That Will Increase Your
Financial Stability

Hour 2.) Fortune Building Business Lessons Your
Competitors Don't Know About! What YOU Can Have In Common
With Tony Robbins, A Founder Of Federal Express,
The 300 Top Business Experts, President Of Nightingale
Conant, and 8 Inc Entrepreneurs-Of-The-Year.

Would YOU like to learn the same income enhancing
marketing lessons and fortune-building business ideas that
people like Tony Robbins, a founder of Federal Express,
the owner of Nightingale-Conant, Football legend Fran
Tarkenton and eight Inc, Magazine Entrepreneur of The Year
Winners learned!? Each of these people paid a SMALL
FORTUNE to learn these "success lessons" from Jay Abraham!

But You Get A Second Chance To Learn It as our gift. Now
We've Opened Up 500 More Lines. You Must Sign Up
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NOW you can have access to master marketer --- Jay Abraham
--- to teach you LIVE his best business building
strategies, on a special two-hour interactive
teleconference call. More importantly, YOU GET THIS
TRAINING FOR F*R*E*E,* and you never need to leave your
home or office to do it, either.

That's RIGHT! Learn from Jay Abraham for F*R*E*E*!
So many of my readers have seen all the laudatory letters
people have written about super consultant Jay Abraham in
the past. But they wondered...

What could any one man possibly know that made his books
worth $400 or $1,000 a copy, his tapes worth a shocking
$2,000 - $5,000 a set --- and his seminars sell out at a
staggering $25,000 per person?

Now You Can Find Out First-Hand Without Spending A Penny
I've arranged for just 1,000 (Now 1500) of our subscribers
to be taught a two-hour, "crash-course" on Marketing Ideas
That Create Great Business Wealth. Jay Abraham, himself,
has agreed to personally conduct this entire breakthrough,
two-hour class.

Why? Because Jay is a great friend and a passionate
believer in what we're doing. Jay has become our personal
marketing advisor and mentor for engineering massive
profit breakthroughs. People I know have paid him
hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions a year for
his expert advice. - But THAT was a BARGAIN, compared to
what that advice earned each of their businesses.

One idea Jay gave Bob Allen early in their relationship
put over two million extra profit dollars in Bob's bank
account -- within less than 45 days! The first idea he
gave Vic Conant, made Vic $900,000 in 30 days time. The
second one made Vic A TON more.

Maybe that's why I'm one of the greatest fans of Jay's
mind and methods. So when I was looking for a wildly
profitable, business strategy to help you enhance your
financial state --- I called Jay. JAY'S MINDSET AND METHODS
WERE MY FIRST & ONLY CHOICE. Jay's offering this conference
call, as added value for our e-mail subscribers.

The man probably knows more ways to make someone like you
more money from your business than any fifty other
marketing experts combined. He knows more powerful ideas
for increasing sales, generating more customers,
multiplying profits and creating great business wealth
than anyone else I know. (A bold sounding statement, I
know. But one that's totally true.) I take my reputation
and credibility with you very seriously.

I wouldn't put myself or our organization out
on a limb for that kind of statement --- if I wasn't
absolutely confident it was 100% true and possible to do
for you --- on Jay's upcoming teleconference session.

That's why in this two-part, two-hour long intensive
teleconference session I've persuaded Jay to cover ...

HOUR 1: How to Attract More Customers Than You Can Handle
and How to Sell More to Every Customer you deal with:

HOUR 2: How to Sell More Profitable Items to Every

Jay also knows how to take a new idea for a business (or a
small start-up enterprise) and explode it with immediate
revenues and profits and positive cash flow ... even if
you don't have a cent to spend on advertising, promotion
or sales people.

Jay knows how to get you no-cash advertising. He knows how
to find you all kinds of strategic partners, and joint
ventures who'll put up all the people or money you need.

He can teach you how to do more lucrative money generating
business deals than you ever dreamed possible.
The man is an absolute idea-a-minute, money multiplying,
cash-flow generating "Wealth-Building, Marketing Machine."

You are about to find all that out for yourself--- IF you
get to be one of only 1,500 people from our e-mail list
that Jay will be teaching his Marketing Methods to --- on
our special two-hour, teleconference session.
Is this man REALLY worth listening to for 120
"thought-provoking" minutes --- broken into two
back-to-back segments in a row? You tell me.

He has over 12,500 major business success stories credited
to his ideas. He's been featured two different times on the
front page of USA Today in their MONEY Section.

Impressive Credentials: Forbes Called Him "The Real Thing"
Investor's Business Daily ran two of the largest stories
-- ever -- on Jay in their prestigious Leaders & Success
section--one on the front page. Then they hired Jay.
Entrepreneur has written about Jay twice. The founder
said Jay made him over a million dollars. Success wrote
five major stories on him. They hired him, too.

Forbes ran a two paged feature that named Jay one of only
five Executive Business Coaches Forbes called "the real
thing." Jay was the only one, out of all five, Forbes said
could "...turn an under performing corporation into a
marketing and sales whiz."

Jay's latest book was lavishly endorsed by Stephen Covey,
Harvey McKay, Ken Blanchard, Tony Robbins, a co-founder of
Federal Express, The Founder of Home Shopping Network, The
Publisher of Investor's Business Daily, Seth Godin, Martin
Edelston and 146 other prominent experts.

Mark Victor Hansen says he and Jack Canfield got the major
idea behind their wildly successful Chicken Soup For The
Soul-series from an idea Jay gave them.

Find A 10,000-1,000,000 Dollar Windfall On This Call
Tony Robbins says Jay shows everyone he ever talks to how
to find a 10,000, a 100,000 dollar profit or even a 1,000,000
windfall. I'm confident he'll find one (or more) for you,
too --- over the two hours Jay will be teaching you his
money generating marketing ideas on this enriching
conference call.

I hope I've excited you; because that's my intent.
But as I said earlier, there's a problem here: I've got so
many people I'd like to get onto this conference call. But
we are only able to get 500 more of you on the extra
lines! That is the MAXIMUM number of people we can add
on! So I strongly urge you to visit:

At this point, we can't add one more place beyond that to
Jay's two-hour, conference call "business building"
course. Jay agreed to do this two-hour teleconference
course for us -- One Time Only.

I can't promise he'll ever do it again for F*R*E*E*.

Forbes said Jay charges $20,000 --- per person --- when
Jay trains people in large groups at his seminars (and
$40,000 a day when he works privately). I know that over
10,000 people have already paid many thousands each to
attend one of Jay's past programs.

So the chance to learn a short-course, two-hour "primer"
on Jay's biggest & best wealth-building business ideas FOR
F*R*E*E* seems (to me, at least) to really be the
financial break you have been waiting for.

A Look At What You'll Learn

Jay has promised to share with you his three best ways to
grow ANY business. He's given me his word he'll explain
The Strategy of Preeminence, the potent strategic
philosophy that sky rocketed one of his clients from a
$1,000 start up all the way to the 450 million dollar market
leader in 8 amazing years, with zero financial risk. He's
told me he'll also tell YOU about the 21 power principles
the very richest business people use to create their
enormous wealth.

Jay also says there are ten major marketing mistakes that
keep most small/medium business owners from ever making
really big money. But you can eliminate all ten from your
life within the two hours Jay will spend with you on these
teleconference calls.

Geometric Profit Boosts

Jay developed a simple "proprietary system" he calls the
eX-Factors that guarantee any business owner who uses them
geometric boosts in their profit growth. He'll teach you
the basics of his system (and its key concepts) on one of
these two hours.

PLUS, he has agreed to set time aside at the end of the
second hour (time allowing) to take your biggest
unanswered questions, help solve your biggest business or
money-making problems or help find the biggest overlooked
profit opportunities you may be sitting on.
A World Class Expert/A World Class Opportunity

This is a "World Class" marketing expert offering to
personally work with you by group conference call for
F*R*E*E*; because you're one of our valued friends. Jay
charges $75,000 to speak for 90 minutes in front of a
private group. But he will spend a total of two enriching
hours with you, over this fast-paced F*R*E*E*
teleconference session.

Why is he doing it? Because he knows his ideas can make
you a "bundle" and he wants to invest in your success first.
We moved heaven and earth to make this two-hour conference
call available FOR F*R*E*E* for those of you who act FAST.

IMMEDIATELY to register. The call is this Thursday,
August 4th, at 2:00PM Pacific (5:00pm Eastern). The 500 lines
we just added won't be available beyond today.

Jay Abraham has the marketing ideas that make people
multi-millions. You can pay Jay $5,000 an hour to hire him
privately --- OR be on our two hour teleconference course
on Marketing Secrets That Enhance Your Financial
Livelihood ...and learn some of Jay's best ideas and
business wealth building lessons for F*R*E*E* --- for

GET REGISTERED NOW... don't miss out on this exciting "one
of a kind" two-hour conference call!

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Best of success to you!

Patric Chan

P.S. Most people find it hard to believe that ideas can be
turned into money, success, wealth, power, happiness or
business advantage with relative ease. This conference
call will teach you: it's absolutely true.

But not just ANY ideas. Jay Abraham stands out as the
preeminent idea man in the business arena. I turn to Jay
for strategy, ideas and breakthrough business concepts.
Now you can too, IF you get in on Jay's teleconference

Finally --- Everyone who gets onto this conference call
will also receive an 87-Question Self Diagnostic
Marketing Assessment Tool called, "How Does Your Business
Stack Up?" You can take the test before you even get on
the call and know in advance when your biggest
breakthroughs and profit windfalls can come from.