Monday, January 15, 2007


Why Most Self-Help Schemes Will FAIL

Most of us have tried some sort of self-help or self-improvement plan at some point in our adult lives. It's only natural to want to change, especially (and stereotypically) at the start of a New Year. Perhaps you've wanted to battle a weight problem, become a better entrepreneur, improve your self-esteem or…of course…increase your success with the opposite sex.

But most people who try to tackle an obstacle in their lives, despite taking the first step, typically FAIL. Usually this is after only a brief period of giving it a try.

Why does this pattern repeat itself over and over? And what makes the difference in the lives of the relatively few people who succeed at making real and lasting change in their lives?

Well, in the case of dieting and exercise, the answer may be as simple as it's just too difficult to break the habits one has to in order to get into better shape. Indeed, the media knows this and therefore there's a marketing bonanza tied to endless physical self-help programs. The same can be said for programs designed to help smokers quit.

Monday, January 08, 2007


It's all about self help

The district administration has decided to earmark Rs 1 crore for development of self-help groups of the district.

Dhubri deputy commissioner Ganesh Chandra Kalita announced this during an interactive session with around 200 office bearers of 75 self-help groups at the deputy commissioner’s conference hall.

He appealed to the self-help groups to take their income-generating ventures more seriously.

“There is hardly any job opportunity in the government sector and in view of this scarcity, there seems to be only one way open to the common people to become self-employed, that is, by taking up income-generating activities through the formation of self-help groups,” Kalita said.

He said in order to assist the self-help groups, the state as well as the central government is willing to extend all aid, including development of required infrastructure.