Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Getting rids of bad addition by self-help

There are many ways that self-help can help you fight addition. There are many types of addition that is bad for human being such as drug addition, smoking, alcoholism. Glambling is also one of the bad addition. Inorder to quit this addition we must have a will power and self helf to quit it. Most people knows that smoking is bad for health but yet most people still smoke. Alcohol and drugs are cases where addition itself can destroy, control when under this influence which can literally destroy parts of the brain in long runs.

I had a friend who is addition to drinking coffee and smoking. You can hardy see him without a cigarette in his mouth and a cup of coffee besides him. When you ask , how many cups of coffee did you take today, he will give you the answer more then ten cups and nearly three to four packets of cigretters. We give him a lot of advise but its just when on the wrong ears.

One day he was admitted to hospital with heart attack which nearly cost his life. When he comes out from the hospital he tolds us that he wanted to quit the bad addition. With self-help, he quit both the bad addition. His self- help is to avoid this place. It is now one year getting rids of this bad addition.