Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Helping yourself with self help

During thirty years time getting stroke is a rich people disease where the patients has to lied in bed most of their time until death arrived and needs people to help them in eating, moving, turning and sitting up and down because stoke at that time has no cure. The only cure is to get an ancient massage people to massage our vein and the infected parts. Today stoke can be treated with the moden technology and exercises equipments.

Last year my brother got into stoke and had to lie in bed after his return from the hospital. We had to arrange people to come to the house to massage for him. After a few massage he was able to walk with the help of people holding him when walking.During meals time someone had to feed him. One day a old friends of him tell him to do the things on his own but we will be watching him very closely. The man tell him without self will and self-help how are you going to be cure. With his self power and self help he is now walking on his own with the help of a walking stick.