Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Self-help and self power in quitting smoking

Quitting smoking is quite hards to most heavy smokers and smokers. I started smoking when I left school at the age of sixteen when I help my uncle opening his coffee shop and selling drinks till the early morning at a night market. Over there everybody had a cigaretters in his mouth or in their hands. That is how I started smoking as cigaretter is free which I took from my uncle shops. I stopped smoking at the age of fifty five after having a mild heart attack. Now I have quit smoking for nearly two years.

Quitting smoking is depends on individuals whether you have the intentions of quitting or not. Most people knows that smoking is very bad for health and its brings a lots of disease and also cause us our sex life. Yet they still smoke and said they have try but very hard to quit like myself until I stay in hospital for a week but some people still smoke after they are discharge but myself dicided to quit because life is precious.

Quitting smoking you must have the will power to quit smoking as saying goes if you wanted to quit smoking but keeping on saying you wanted to quit but do nothing, you will never able to quit smoking. I quit smoking with some self-help like when ever I wanted to buy a packet of cigaretter, I will delay or said I buy it afterwards as one day and one day will passed but I will never buy a stick of cigaretter. Never carry a lighter in your pocket and always keep yourself busy. When there is a offer, said I just throw it away as not to offends them. I keep doing the routine until I am sure I quit smoking. Thanks god its already reaching two years.