Tuesday, December 30, 2008


With selp help you can quit you bad things

Smokers find it very hard to quit smoking because their have no determination to quit smoking. No one can help you, it is only yourself whether you want it to quit or not. If you can manage yourself and with self help in yourself you will be able to quit smoking. I had a friend who try to quit smoking by trying all sort of methods but when a friends or a person offer him a stick of cigarette he will never refuse, in the end he became a heavy smokers because he does not had self determination to stop smoking.

Another friends of mine who is a drug addict and when out of the prison, told us he wanted to quit the bad things. At first we do not believe in him but after a more ten years when I met him again with two kids and a wife with a good personal looking. Holding a executive post in his job. He told us if you want to do a things you must had the determination and with self help in you, you will be able to conquered it. First get out of your addict friends and moved into a new clean environment. Find your self a job and during free times occupied yourself with exercises and join society to help other so that you do not have the time to things of the bad things.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Managed your spending with self help

With the world economy growing up its years because of the wars and fuel oils, every parents and individual must learned and start building up their own income by spending less and the unnecessary items. Control your spending power and never spend more then your income each month. Always learned to keep some money for future investment or for a rainy day. Every body can do it and if you had the self help in you, you can self managed your spending.

Everybody knows things grows up every year sometimes a few times in a year but pay only grows up in a year or none. Learning to spend less can help you solve your financial problems. Try to use your two leg or bicycle than your car if the distance is not very far or used public transport if you think it can save you a lot. Do not buy thing to keep, buy it if you only want to used it. Control your food buying, sometimes I see somebody buy a lots of food to keep and in the end throw it away when it turns bad. Cuts the unnecessary such as liquors or cigaretters or lower the amounts, that can save you some money.


Thursday, May 08, 2008


With only yourself and self help addiction can be quit

I had a friend who is addictions to alcoholism and every morning when he wakes up he must drinks at list two small bottles of beer or not his whole hand and body will be shaking. After drinking he will have a light breakfast then proceed to the coffee shop and drinks until very late at night with his friends who will join him after works. Most of the time someone has to carry him home. One day when he was too high in alcohol he and his friends started a fight with another groups of people and landed himself in hospital for two weeks and with many stitches on his head and body. This nearly cause his life and the price of addictions to pay.

After discharge from hospital he told us and promised his wife that he will quit alcohol. With self-help and determination, helps from friends and his wife he is now a holy man praying most of the time. With self-help he make himself busy most of the time like instance jogging in the morning, look after his business in the afternoon and doing yoga exercises every evening. After dinner he will take family outing. Before ten he will be in bed. With only yourself and self help, bad addiction such as drug addiction, smoking and alcoholism can be quit.


Sunday, March 02, 2008


With self help it can change a person

Using self help methods to control my temper. I read a article from a magazine book which describe many self help methods in a simple terms, With self help it can help me to solve many problem which arise because of our wrong doing, tamper and ignorance. If you understand how a problem started with a small silly things and with self help methods you can able to change things for the better.

Reading the article, helps me to ask myself how I am going to apply the methods of self help in everyday use. As we know we living from today to tomorrow and what have I learned about psychology that would help myself in this situation. With self help methods its helps in many changing. Walk away if you know you are going to loose your temper or take it as nothing been say or do. With self help methods I am a better man today with good working position, with more friends, understanding and respect. Its also help me to quit cigarettes.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Getting rids of bad addition by self-help

There are many ways that self-help can help you fight addition. There are many types of addition that is bad for human being such as drug addition, smoking, alcoholism. Glambling is also one of the bad addition. Inorder to quit this addition we must have a will power and self helf to quit it. Most people knows that smoking is bad for health but yet most people still smoke. Alcohol and drugs are cases where addition itself can destroy, control when under this influence which can literally destroy parts of the brain in long runs.

I had a friend who is addition to drinking coffee and smoking. You can hardy see him without a cigarette in his mouth and a cup of coffee besides him. When you ask , how many cups of coffee did you take today, he will give you the answer more then ten cups and nearly three to four packets of cigretters. We give him a lot of advise but its just when on the wrong ears.

One day he was admitted to hospital with heart attack which nearly cost his life. When he comes out from the hospital he tolds us that he wanted to quit the bad addition. With self-help, he quit both the bad addition. His self- help is to avoid this place. It is now one year getting rids of this bad addition.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Self-help and self power in quitting smoking

Quitting smoking is quite hards to most heavy smokers and smokers. I started smoking when I left school at the age of sixteen when I help my uncle opening his coffee shop and selling drinks till the early morning at a night market. Over there everybody had a cigaretters in his mouth or in their hands. That is how I started smoking as cigaretter is free which I took from my uncle shops. I stopped smoking at the age of fifty five after having a mild heart attack. Now I have quit smoking for nearly two years.

Quitting smoking is depends on individuals whether you have the intentions of quitting or not. Most people knows that smoking is very bad for health and its brings a lots of disease and also cause us our sex life. Yet they still smoke and said they have try but very hard to quit like myself until I stay in hospital for a week but some people still smoke after they are discharge but myself dicided to quit because life is precious.

Quitting smoking you must have the will power to quit smoking as saying goes if you wanted to quit smoking but keeping on saying you wanted to quit but do nothing, you will never able to quit smoking. I quit smoking with some self-help like when ever I wanted to buy a packet of cigaretter, I will delay or said I buy it afterwards as one day and one day will passed but I will never buy a stick of cigaretter. Never carry a lighter in your pocket and always keep yourself busy. When there is a offer, said I just throw it away as not to offends them. I keep doing the routine until I am sure I quit smoking. Thanks god its already reaching two years.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Helping yourself with self help

During thirty years time getting stroke is a rich people disease where the patients has to lied in bed most of their time until death arrived and needs people to help them in eating, moving, turning and sitting up and down because stoke at that time has no cure. The only cure is to get an ancient massage people to massage our vein and the infected parts. Today stoke can be treated with the moden technology and exercises equipments.

Last year my brother got into stoke and had to lie in bed after his return from the hospital. We had to arrange people to come to the house to massage for him. After a few massage he was able to walk with the help of people holding him when walking.During meals time someone had to feed him. One day a old friends of him tell him to do the things on his own but we will be watching him very closely. The man tell him without self will and self-help how are you going to be cure. With his self power and self help he is now walking on his own with the help of a walking stick.